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Futuristic World

Smart Communities

Connected City Uses

Cityside works with strategic partners to establish not just smart capabilities in the home but connected communities, serving abundant functions for the public good including safety, traffic management, EV charging, and efficient energy solutions.

Public Services

Initial city and community conversations include incorporating network plans for larger objectives like public WiFi locations, digital literacy programs, government service, traffic system upgrades, and more.


Whether the development community is citywide or a planned neighborhood, we engage early in the process with staff and decision makers to discuss plans, find opportunities for build efficiencies, and reduce construction disruption in the community.


By providing a neutral host platform for digital infrastructure that drastically reduces capital expenses, third party use cases on the network are more appealing and a stronger focus on service and operations is achieved.

Master Planning

In taking a holistic, comprehensive approach to both our community-wide design and our network's multiple use cases, from the project start Cityside can develop a platform that addresses critical issues like technical capacity and aesthetic consistency.

Industry Relations

Cityside leverages relationships across multiple technological industries to readily bring partners into the community that otherwise might have been financially constrained or prioritizing different areas.

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