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Discover Cityside's innovative platform of fiber-based network development, neutral host operations, and smart connectivity


We’re Changing the Way Digital Infrastructure is Deployed and Utilized

Next generation connectivity is being built over the top of complex technological systems of data centers, edge and cloud computing, voluminous antenna placements, and fiber networks. It's an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process, posing a daunting challenge to a scattered industry.

Cityside Networks was formed with a vision of collaboration and efficiency, to build, own, operate, and grow layers of digital infrastructure in a smarter, quicker, more cost-effective manner. We bring decades of experience and relationships to bear in connecting communities and carriers so that we may ultimately connect people.



We Deliver Multilayered Connectivity Solutions for Residential Consumers, Wireless Carriers and Commercial Users, and Smart Communities 


Through Cityside Fiber, our dedicated division of local customer service specialists, field technicians, and support services, we are bringing blazing fast fiber internet throughout our communities. In doing so, we aim to bridge digital divides and vastly upgrade the experience of the typical home internet customer who has been left behind by antiquated technology and customer service methods.

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Radio Telescope Antenna


Cityside's multi-user, multi-functional, high capacity networks are specifically designed to provide a platform for endless connectivity possibilities. These use cases include wireless small cell deployments, fixed wireless applications, EV charging support, and private LTE and 5G networks.


Cityside's suite of business products is a cross-functional ecosystem of connectivity resources that can be combined for system-wide solutions to meet the needs of commercial entities, from wireless carriers to manufacturing plants to campus properties to office tenants. Lit and dark fiber solutions form the base layer of service, with customized offerings and additional network services being available for future-forward companies.

Team Working in the System Room
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Whether it's a city government, a new planned community, or an HOA development, Cityside works to build a relationship of trust and understanding in deploying Smart networks community-wide. Through a focus on clean aesthetics, intelligent planning, reduced construction disruption, and coordinated and consolidated infrastructure management, we engage both industry partners and local representatives in the efficient rollout of forward-thinking communities.


We are expanding and looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.


Orange County, CA

As Cityside develops new markets, we are looking for experienced fiber design engineers to join our team. Ideally, the applicant would be located in and familiar with Southern California, but remote work is possible for the right potential team member.

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